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Specialized Benefit Services

Our Promise To You.

Is to make every member happier in some way, shape, or form. To provide the member value, genuine security and promote their good health. To show them how to acquire deep discounts on products they really want and can really use that bring results... guaranteed results. And also, products and services that they can’t wait to get their hands on. We designed this product offering to be so exciting that you will read every word from the vendors who supply them, whatever your need or desire may be. Our goal is to bring you a value you just can’t get anywhere else, period.

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Click on the desired benefit and get a brief description of what’s offered and available. Some of our members need different types of services as you’ll see as you scroll through. Our job is to do the leg work for you and vet these companies to bring you the best value for the dollar.


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Popular Benefits Include

* Telemedicine

* Dental Discounts

* Vision Discounts

* Discounts for Braces

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What is SBS?

Unparalleled Discounts & Services

Specialized Benefit Services is a subscription service like no other. It is a well thought out and carefully planned suite of product offerings for the average working individual, couple, or family. It is designed to help them navigate more freely through this little game of life. Whether it be to help them save money, acquire information, look better, feel better, protect their family or simply have access to a myriad of benefits and services you just can’t get on your own. SBS is committed to adding value to people’s lives.

Happy Elderly Couple.
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Giving Back

SBS is committed to giving back to those in need

We choose charities that give the lions share to their cause

Charitable donations are only made to non political charities

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Career Opportunities

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